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Family Dentist in El Paso, Texas 79935

Welcome to Caribbean Dental

Where your optimum oral health is our first priority.

Our dental team, headed by Dr. Bowen Li and Dr. Carlus Hu, takes pride in offering patients excellent-quality dental care with kindness and compassion. You will find a full array of dental services to cover your dental needs at Caribbean Dental.

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Why Choose us

Exceptional Service

Our staff is dedicated to helping patients feel comfortable and at ease during their visit.

Going to the dentist can be an anxiety-producing endeavor for many people. We understand that and work to alleviate your fears by providing an atmosphere that is calming and conducive to relaxation. We take the time to get to know each of our patients. We listen to your concerns about your oral health and we thoroughly answer the questions you may have about dental procedures or treatments.

Your fears and anxiety about dental procedures will be lifted once you experience the friendly, caring chair side manner of Caribbean Dental staff members. Your comfort and oral health are at the top of our priority list.

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first dental visit in El Paso, Texas 79935

What to Expect During Your Caribbean Dental Visit

Your first visit with us at Caribbean Dental will consist of a comprehensive oral examination, dental x-rays and professional teeth cleaning. This preventive procedure will reveal any dental issues you may have that need to be addressed. We use digital x-rays for near-instant images of structures below the gum line and within your teeth and jawbones. We also use an intra-oral camera for better clarity and vision inside the mouth. Our technology ensures that your initial exam will identify any problems that need attention. This includes identifying areas of decay in teeth and gingivitis or gum disease.
When your exam is completed, one of our dentists will create a treatment plan, if necessary, to put you on the road to optimum oral health. We will discuss the findings of the exam with you and explain procedures and methods of treatment. We will also provide you with any options you may have for certain procedures. If time allows, we may begin your dental treatment the same day. If this is not a possibility, we will schedule you for a follow-up appointment.

Have questions? Need to schedule an appointment? We are here for you.

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What we do

Services We Offer

Caribbean Dental offers a full complement of general dentistry services. We also offer restorative and cosmetic dentistry options.

General DentistryOur preventive care includes a thorough dental exam with x-rays and a professional cleaning.

Prevention is the best way to keep dental costs down and maintain good oral health. Many of our patients come to us with the need for fillings. In most cases we use tooth-colored composite filling material to fill cavities. Composite fillings look and feel so natural that it is difficult to distinguish the filling from the natural tooth.

Repairing broken, cracked or chipped teeth can often be done with dental bonding. In some instances, a bonding material is used to basically glue the parts of the tooth back together again. When this is not possible, bonding material along with composite resin may be used to make repairs. If a tooth has sustained major damage, we may recommend that it be crowned in order to protect it from further damage and to add strength and stability.

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Root CanalIn some cases, tooth decay has advanced to the point where the
nerve of the tooth is involved.

In these situations, if the bulk of the tooth is salvageable, a root canal procedure may be warranted. In this procedure, the nerve of the tooth, which extends down the root and into the jawbone, must be removed. Special instruments are used to clean out the dead nerve and sterilize the root canal. It is then sealed off and the remainder of the tooth is filled with an appropriate filling. Teeth that have undergone root canal therapy grow brittle over time since the nerve that once nourished the tooth is now gone. Generally, a crown is placed on these teeth to provide protection, strength and stability.

Another service provided is periodontal therapy. When gums become diseased, it is important to treat the condition and restore health before the situation worsens and causes teeth to fall out. Treatment begins with a thorough cleaning of the teeth.

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Restorative Dentistry

Our Restorative Dentistry includes placing crowns, dentures, bridges and dental implants.

When a tooth or teeth are missing, a host of problems can surface due to the space left. Restorative dentistry replaces the missing tooth or teeth.

Dentures are removable devices that replace teeth. A partial denture is used when several teeth are missing. A full denture is used when a full arch of teeth, either upper or lower, needs to be replaced. Bridge work consists of crowns placed on the teeth that are adjacent to a space left by one or more missing teeth. Between the two crowns is an attachment of artificial teeth to replace the missing teeth.

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Cosmetic Dentistry

Everyone wants a beautiful smile and some of us need a little help
getting there.

At Caribbean Dental, we are committed to helping you reach your best oral health and getting your best smile. That may call for cosmetic dentistry. Teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and Invisalign are part of our cosmetic dentistry offerings.

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Sedation Dentistry

Going to the dentist can be an anxiety-producing endeavor for many people. Ask about laughing gas and oral sedation options.

We want to make sure all our patients feel comfortable and relaxed during their dental procedure. Some patients need a little extra help in relaxing. Dr. Li is certified in Level ll Conscious Sedation.

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our Testimonials

Patient Reviews

The staff is amazing here. My youngest one is not a fan of going to the dentist, they were super patient and explained what they were doing to him. The way they interacted with him and made him feel comfortable cannot be expressed in words. They are super Informative and make sure they explain everything and anything to you. I have sensitive teeth and they made sure to be gentle and go slow as needed. We will for sure be using this office for all our dental needs. So pleased to have found them!!!

Jolene Acevedo

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dental emergencies

seen immediately

Dental Emergencies

The best place to treat those traumatic experiences is in the dental office. Hospital emergency rooms are seldom able to adequately treat true dental emergencies. At Caribbean Dental, we treat dental emergencies with care and compassion.

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financial options

affordable dental care

Financial Options

Dental care can be a major cost for many families. At Caribbean Dental, we provide a variety of options to help make your family’s dental care affordable. In addition to accepting most major dental insurance, we also offer an in-house dental membership plan. This plan will help you save money and reduce your cost of dental care.

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financial options