Are you experiencing dental crown pain? Let’s find out the reasons

An injured or broken tooth is easily replaced with the help of dental crowns. However, the placement of dental crowns may be accompanied by pain after the procedure, and sometimes many days later. There would be pain post-procedure, but if the pain lingers around, it is not healthy. If you experience pain every time you chew means that the crown needs reshaping. The reasons for dental crown pain can be several. Let us have a look at some of those.

Structure not fitting

Having dental crow pain after the procedure is normal. However, the pain should not pertain for several weeks. If it does, it could be because the structure of the crown does not fit well on the tooth. Though crowns are tried before fitting them permanently, there might be times when the dental crown does not fit with the opposing teeth and may irritate the nerves, or while chewing.

Nerve disruption

When the dentist places the crown, it takes time for it to settle. During this time, the person might feel irritated. The crown that does not settle even after weeks would cause the nerves to inflame, and it would need a root canal therapy for relieving the person from pain.

Crown sensitivity

Dental crown pain may also occur when the crown becomes sensitive to hot and cold even days after placement. This may happen when the crown placed does not cover the tooth completely, exposing the dentin. This would cause pain and may need dental attention.

Having pain after a dental procedure involving an operation is regular. But if pain persists even after several weeks, it is good to contact a dentist to know the cause and seek treatment. Contact Caribbean Dental in case of dental crown pain, and we will treat you immediately.