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Are symptoms like pain and fever after tooth extraction usual?

October 15, 2020 416 Views

For a dentist removing teeth is not a big deal. Daily, patients come with various oral issues, and depending on the condition, get the treatments. The dentist will opt for extraction if the infection or damage has reached an extent from where the cure is not possible. Besides, if the dentist will not remove the … Continue reading “Are symptoms like pain and fever after tooth extraction usual?”

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How to save a loose tooth from falling out

September 30, 2020 347 Views

The tooth is a precious gem; ask its value to a person who has lost it. In an adult, losing permanent teeth is a dental emergency, and the person needs immediate dental help. Many of us wonder how to save a loose tooth from falling out. The good news is that dental help can make … Continue reading “How to save a loose tooth from falling out”

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Teeth before and after braces

September 15, 2020 500 Views

Every one of us looks for a great and confident smile. Properly aligned and bright white teeth play a vital role in shaping our smiles. Many dental solutions are available to improve your smile; one such is the use of braces. The appearance of teeth before and after braces changes, which enhances our overall appearance. … Continue reading “Teeth before and after braces”

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Tooth extraction and bone graft recovery

August 30, 2020 443 Views

It is a sad fact that a permanent tooth loss is gone forever. Therefore the dentist tries their best to save it. At times, there is a need for tooth extraction; otherwise, it might lead to more oral problems. However, sometimes there is a need for bone graft along with the removal. Tooth extraction and … Continue reading “Tooth extraction and bone graft recovery”

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What to expect after dental bone graft?

August 15, 2020 89 Views

Strong jaws and gums are essential for healthy teeth. The jawbones hold the teeth. In the case of tooth loss, the bones start to move away, creating a space. Besides weakening the gums, tooth replacement becomes difficult as it needs a jawbone to fix on. Therefore, dentists opt for bone grafting. People often think about … Continue reading “What to expect after dental bone graft?”

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How long does a dental implant last?

July 30, 2020 159 Views

Nothing stays forever; however, the life of any value can prolong with proper care and maintenance. The same is true with our dental implants. Although done to replace the missing tooth, how long does a dental implant last depend on the individual? The procedure is commonly practiced by the dentist nowadays and has a considerable success … Continue reading “How long does a dental implant last?”

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The dental bone graft material

July 15, 2020 80 Views

2020 or so-called the year of COVID-19 is one of the worst times in history. It is a time when the whole globe is affected. Alongside this, individual health is a top priority. Similar to the survival of the fittest, one who is healthy and fit will fight the virus. Besides fitness, oral health is … Continue reading “The dental bone graft material”

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Best toothpaste for gum disease

June 30, 2020 167 Views

Toothpaste and toothbrush are two tools that help you fight against tooth decay. Oral health is necessary. Therefore, it is essential to choose the best toothpaste for gums and teeth. Brushing twice a day can be effective only if one uses proper tools. Otherwise, bacteria will grow, forming plaque. It will cause infections in teeth … Continue reading “Best toothpaste for gum disease”

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Do veneers stain? How to take care

June 15, 2020 164 Views

A great smile adds to the appearance. We all are looking for that beautiful smile. Porcelain veneers are a great option to improve your smile. But, do veneers stain? Most people are concerned after the treatment. Porcelain veneers have a longer life, so they are a perfect solution for cosmetic dentistry. Although surfaces do indeed … Continue reading “Do veneers stain? How to take care”

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Emergency dental extraction

May 30, 2020 168 Views

Damaging your teeth is a common issue; biting on hard food or falling downstairs can break teeth, filling or crown. It can cause severe toothache. Various conditions occur; in severe cases, the dentist might suggest an emergency dental extraction. However, mostly dentist treats with a filling, veneer, or crowns depending on the breakage. Besides, if … Continue reading “Emergency dental extraction”

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Cavity vs. stain, how to find out

May 15, 2020 852 Views

Many of you might observe their teeth turning pale while brushing, or small patches of brown or grey spots, what could this be? To find lets first discuss cavity vs. stain, the difference in between them, and how can both fix by a dentist. Globally both adults and kids suffer from cavities or have blemishes … Continue reading “Cavity vs. stain, how to find out”

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What do the Lines on Teeth tell us?

April 30, 2020 147 Views

What will happen if immediately after eating ice-cold dessert, you start sipping hot soup or coffee? Commonly, you’ll have a toothache unless the enamel is strong enough to withstand it. Enamel is the hard outer protective layer of teeth that saves it from decays. Few of us observe having lines on teeth, is it alarming? … Continue reading “What do the Lines on Teeth tell us?”

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When will you need emergency dental service?

April 15, 2020 100 Views

Mishaps occur in life, imagine falling from stairs, involving in fights, or undergoing some minor accident leading to severe toothache. Or, imagine waking up in the morning to find out a broken or fractured tooth or losing a filling or crown. If something like this happens, you will require an emergency dental service to lower … Continue reading “When will you need emergency dental service?”

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Why do my teeth hurt when walking and running?

March 30, 2020 193 Views

It was a few years back; however, I still remember the patient crying at the clinic. She told the dentist about the unbearable toothache. She admitted she felt like hitting herself in the head with a hammer to distract herself from the pain she was facing. Furthermore, she said that her teeth hurt when walking … Continue reading “Why do my teeth hurt when walking and running?”

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Talk To The Dental Specialist To Find Ways To Get Smiling Bright Teeth

March 15, 2020 82 Views

The first impression is the last; white and clean teeth reflect your image. The color of teeth can act as a label to judge a person. How to clean teeth properly is one of the most concerned matters. You can talk to dental specialists to find the best ways. The key to getting white and bright … Continue reading “Talk To The Dental Specialist To Find Ways To Get Smiling Bright Teeth”

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What Impact Does an Incorrect Tongue Position Have?

February 29, 2020 192 Views

Have you ever noticed whether your tongue is resting in the right position or not? And what if your tongue does not have the right posture? If you will visit a dentist, he/she will let you know how a tongue resting in the wrong position would have an impact on your health. But before we … Continue reading “What Impact Does an Incorrect Tongue Position Have?”

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Tooth Extraction and Bone Graft: The Need and Importance

January 30, 2020 88 Views

Tooth extraction is a common practice in the United States. Many a time the only option left to treat a decayed tooth is to extract it. However, after a tooth extraction, the bone and its surrounding tissues get extremely defected. The defected bones affect the functioning as well as the aesthetic of a person. Therefore … Continue reading “Tooth Extraction and Bone Graft: The Need and Importance”

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Why is it necessary to take your child to a Pediodontist

January 15, 2020 182 Views

We all love our little ones and always wish to give them the best of everything that they deserve. Similarly, when it comes to taking care of children’s health we prefer taking them to the best pediatrician rather than a general physician. But do we think the same when it comes to taking care of … Continue reading “Why is it necessary to take your child to a Pediodontist”

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Do You Experience Toothache Only At Night?

December 30, 2019 207 Views

After a busy day, everybody loves to have a relaxing time during which nobody can disturb. The best option is to lie down and have a peaceful sleep. But what if your fantastic plan is ruined by a throbbing toothache that appears only at night? You would like to search for some remedies, but before … Continue reading “Do You Experience Toothache Only At Night?”

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Do Your Teeth Hurt After Flossing?

December 15, 2019 85 Views

It is not uncommon for a person to complain about his/her tooth aching after flossing. You may hear people talking about having sore gums after flossing. However, even if your teeth hurt after flossing, it does not give you a reason to stop flossing them. If a person does tend to miss out on this … Continue reading “Do Your Teeth Hurt After Flossing?”

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