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Turmeric Teeth Whitening; can a spice whiten your teeth?

December 30, 2020 857 Views

Looking at history, people used many different ways to whiten their teeth. For people at higher rankings such as king, queen, and noblemen, white teeth symbolized beauty and status. Likewise, the mixture of ground pumice stone, vinegar, and wine was popular in Pharaohs for teeth whitening. Moreover, different dynasties have used many other natural products; … Continue reading “Turmeric Teeth Whitening; can a spice whiten your teeth?”

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Ways of teeth whitening for sensitive teeth

December 15, 2020 248 Views

We can’t deny the fact that a good appearance is essential in today’s world. The looks often judge you; when attending the interview or facing a vast audience, the attractive looks count. A pleasant appearance and a bright smile add your points in getting a new job or a date offer; hence this raises the … Continue reading “Ways of teeth whitening for sensitive teeth”

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What do the Lines on Teeth tell us?

April 30, 2020 671 Views

What will happen if immediately after eating ice-cold dessert, you start sipping hot soup or coffee? Commonly, you’ll have a toothache unless the enamel is strong enough to withstand it. Enamel is the hard outer protective layer of teeth that saves it from decays. Few of us observe having lines on teeth, is it alarming? … Continue reading “What do the Lines on Teeth tell us?”

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Talk To The Dental Specialist To Find Ways To Get Smiling Bright Teeth

March 15, 2020 462 Views

The first impression is the last; white and clean teeth reflect your image. The color of teeth can act as a label to judge a person. How to clean teeth properly is one of the most concerned matters. You can talk to dental specialists to find the best ways. The key to getting white and bright … Continue reading “Talk To The Dental Specialist To Find Ways To Get Smiling Bright Teeth”

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Do Lines on teeth worry you? Here are some helpful solutions

November 30, 2019 874 Views

Lines on teeth or crazy lines are one of the most common teeth related problems people generally have. These are vertical lines on teeth and usually do not require any dental treatment; however, they may get stained if not taken care of. They occur because of wear and tear and are common amongst individuals who … Continue reading “Do Lines on teeth worry you? Here are some helpful solutions”

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Reasons to Consider Teeth Whitening

August 23, 2019 376 Views

A beautiful smile is one of the first things people notice. If your smile isn’t what you want it to be, you might want to think about having your teeth whitened. But teeth whitening provides more than cosmetic benefits. It can go a long way toward making your mouth as healthy as possible for years … Continue reading “Reasons to Consider Teeth Whitening”

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