Dental implants versus bridges; which is a better choice?

Losing permanent teeth is no less than a nightmare when you know naturally they can’t grow back. However, due to the latest dental solutions today, you can get your teeth back along with the smile and confidence, which might shatter due to the loss. Moreover, the gap between teeth invites infections due to bacteria’s growth; replacing the teeth will reduce such risk. To replace the teeth, two effective ways are bridges and implants. Though which one will suit you, read along to find out about the differences between dental implants versus bridges; both the methods are given preference depending on the health of an individual.

Dental bridges and implant

Like its name, it creates a bridge to fill in the gap due to missing teeth. The false tooth is created between the existing teeth and fixed along with the next teeth’ enamel. During the procedure, the nearby teeth’ enamel is affected a bit as they are prepared to create a bridge. The final result is a bridge-like structure in your mouth where the false and real teeth join.

On the other hand, in dental implants, a screw is put in the jawbone to fix the artificial structure firmly onto the jaws. A screw is like an anchor that sets the tooth firmly; hence without the use of adhesive, the new tooth functions like the natural one. It gives a natural look along with a crown on top that gives it a natural appearance. The implant is one of the most popular ways and has numerous benefits. The procedure is lengthy; however, the results are entirely satisfying.

Dental implants versus bridges

When we compare both the methods, the following differences are there;

  • A dental implant is a lifelong solution as compared to bridges. Hence, they are more reliable. Bridges can last for about ten years, depending on the wear and tear it faces. Besides, inserting a bridge doesn’t require a series of surgery as in the case of implants. Possibilities of infection are more significant in bridges as the natural tooth remains underneath the fake structure.
  • During the implant, your gap replaces with a structure that is exactly like a natural tooth. Hence implant gives aesthetically better results than the bridges. Looking closely at the bridges, the difference is visible.
  • The cost of bridges is far less than the implants, which is one reason for its higher preference. However, implants might seem expensive; they are permanent solutions that require maintenance similar to natural teeth. If you have dental insurance, things can be better. Talk to the provider to discuss what comes under its cover.
  • Bridges change your diet patterns; however, implants don’t. You can eat everything after your dental implant. Moreover, brushing and flossing are a bit difficult with bridges as you have to be careful. Dental implant results in a healthy and robust tooth that needs the same handling as natural teeth.

So the best way to decide between dental implants versus bridges is to talk to the Caribbean Dental team. To regain your confidence and healthy smile back, call us at (915) 308-1089 and schedule your appointment.