Emergency Dentistry in El Paso, Texas 79935

A severe toothache is only one form of dental emergency. Sports accidents generate dental emergencies as do falls and accidents. Even breaking a denture can be a dental emergency under the right circumstances. When you have an event that requires immediate dental care, Caribbean Dental can provide you with an appointment. We will take care of your dental emergency with excellent care and compassion.

Dental emergencies call for same-day treatment. In some instances, such as when a tooth is knocked out, immediate care within a couple of hours is necessary in order to increase the chances of a better outcome. The pain caused by an emergency such as an abscessed tooth or impacted wisdom tooth can be excruciating. Addressing the issue swiftly can eliminate or at least reduce the pain. At Caribbean Dental, we encourage our patients to call when a dental emergency arises. We will do our best to see you as soon as possible to begin treatment. Alleviating pain and addressing the problem are top priorities.

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Emergency Dentistry