Do Lines on teeth worry you? Here are some helpful solutions

Lines on teeth or crazy lines are one of the most common teeth related problems people generally have. These are vertical lines on teeth and usually do not require any dental treatment; however, they may get stained if not taken care of. They occur because of wear and tear and are common amongst individuals who bring their teeth to the use of opening bottle caps or chewing a piece of hard candy or ice.

Effects of crazy lines on front teeth

Teeth may stain over time. However, the cracks can accumulate stains much quicker. These stains get harder to remove by brush and therefore people quite commonly go to a dentist for a cleanup. The stain building agents are mostly wine, tea, and coffee. Crazy lines become visible for the naked eye if one even sips on some coffee.

Some of the solutions for crazy lines on teeth are as follows:

Porcelain Veneers

Although it may seem like an unusual practice to get these vertical lines on teeth fixed, people choose to get them treated by veneers. It conceals imperfections well. Dentists often use porcelain veneers to cover these lines on teeth. It usually just takes a single visit to complete the treatment making it quick and easy.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth Whitening may help make lines on teeth look hardly noticeable. Although they may help hide the craze of these lines, tooth whitening regularly may have a few risks of its own.


Polishing the tooth may soften the rough spots. The dentist smoothes the edges and the lines to align them.

If one does not stop the activities which lead to crazy lines, then there will always be a huge chance for cavities to form, which can lead to tooth decay. The damage is not reversible, but it is surely avoidable.

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