Do You Experience Toothache Only At Night?

After a busy day, everybody loves to have a relaxing time during which nobody can disturb. The best option is to lie down and have a peaceful sleep. But what if your fantastic plan is ruined by a throbbing toothache that appears only at night? You would like to search for some remedies, but before that, it is wise to know the causes to avoid the chances of toothache at night.

Cause of toothache

Decaying Tooth: A decaying tooth often becomes painful and leaves a person stranded at night.

Lost filling: While biting something hard items, there are chances that you may lose the filling. Because of this, the nerves inside the tooth may become visible which may cause a tooth to pain

Infected Teeth: Any tooth that is infected becomes painful as pus is usually formed inside the tooth.

Gum disease: A gum disease, whether it is gingivitis or periodontal disease, would lead to a painful experience.

Teeth grinding: This is one of the most common causes of toothache at night. Clenched teeth often become a reason for pain during sleep.


It may not, at times, be possible to be free from a toothache, but some measures can certainly reduce it.

Use of medicines: Some over the counter medicines can prove beneficial in releasing a person from toothache.

Keep head elevated: Keeping the head a little higher than the rest of the body can keep the blood flow downwards. When blood goes to the head, it increases the intensity of the pain.

Avoid acidic or cold food: Avoiding food items that are acidic or cold right before bedtime can help in managing the pain at night.

Rinse teeth with mouthwash: Before bed, it is good to use a mouthwash that numbs the teeth which eventually reduces the pain.

Although home remedies can be beneficial; however, no one should ignore even a slight toothache. Instead, it is good to consult a dentist at Caribbean Dental who can evaluate your condition and provide appropriate treatment. You can also call on (915) 308-1089 to get an appointment.