Emergency dental extraction

Damaging your teeth is a common issue; biting on hard food or falling downstairs can break teeth, filling or crown. It can cause severe toothache. Various conditions occur; in severe cases, the dentist might suggest an emergency dental extraction. However, mostly dentist treats with a filling, veneer, or crowns depending on the breakage. Besides, if the tooth is severely fractured or abscessed, the dentist removes it using anesthesia.

Knight in shining armor

Visiting an emergency dentist scares many; however, people wonder what might happen? The dentist will extract teeth, perform various treatments, the pain, and mental torture, but the dentist is the only knight in shining armor in the case.  It is not as scary as it looks; however, the patient solves his dental problem and returns happily. The dentist tries to make it the most comfortable experience and treats gently on the procedure, which is required.

Delay in emergency dental extraction can make the matter worst

Tooth extraction is the last option available. A severe oral injury can also result in tooth removal. The dentist qualifies to perform it, when necessary. It is a standard procedure to remove a damaged or an infected tooth.  Delay in extraction can spoil the other teeth in a row; therefore, it is better not to waste time. The dentist will try their best to restore your smile and give you relief from discomfort and pain.

Situations needing emergency dental extraction

The crack in a tooth can lead to infections and affect the pulp inside. The dentist treats the tooth to mend the break and remove bacteria, that are causing infections.  A dentist first opts for root canal treatment if it cures. Another reason for emergency dental extraction is the stuck wisdom tooth, which is not erupting correctly.  The wisdom teeth can damage and infect the surrounding teeth if not removed. Removals will provide relief from discomfort.

An emergency dental extraction is done only in a few extreme cases. At Caribbean Dental, the dentist handles each patient with proper care and comfort. The team can handle all sought of emergencies. Call (915) 308-1089 or contact us online to set up an appointment so we can take care of your problem right away.