Ways of teeth whitening for sensitive teeth

We can’t deny the fact that a good appearance is essential in today’s world. The looks often judge you; when attending the interview or facing a vast audience, the attractive looks count. A pleasant appearance and a bright smile add your points in getting a new job or a date offer; hence this raises the need for dentistry. Teeth’s whitening is popular, and when done professionally, an apparent change is visible, but what if your teeth are sensitive? Can you still carry on the procedure? Read along to find out how to go along with teeth whitening for sensitive teeth.

Reasons for sensitive teeth

Sensitivity occurs due to many reasons; a few include

  • Lack of oral hygiene
  • Gum disease, infection and decays; or, a buildup of plaque in between teeth
  • Grinding and clenching your teeth
  • Wear and tear by brushing too hard
  • Having high concentrations of acidic food and beverages
  • Age is also a leading factor; usually, people over the age of 25-30 develop sensitivity

Teeth whitening for sensitive teeth

There are many options for teeth whitening to have bright and sparkling clean teeth. Although many home kits are available, professional results are far better. Those having sensitive teeth should opt for whitening services at the dental office to take all necessary precautions. Usually, the procedure is either tray-based or using the laser. When using a tray-based whitening procedure, the person must plan some dental visits to get the desired results. The time depends on your oral condition.
On the other hand, laser treatment is an innovative way that is very quick and gives excellent results in an hour or so. Firstly the teeth are brushed using various solutions, and then the laser is passed to whiten the teeth. Both the procedures are useful; however, the choice is of the individual.

Sensitive teeth whitening at home

Teeth sensitivity is a problem and can affect the individual’s teeth during the whitening process. If you are doing it at home, there are a few ways to lessen sensitivity before the home whitening. However, it is always necessary to take dental guidance. Start using fluoride toothpaste and fluoride rinse a few days before the process begins. Sensitivity toothpaste is also available; see if it makes a difference. Besides, if you wear the trays, reduce their time on your teeth and wear them on alternate days when suffering from sensitivity.

Precautions for sensitive teeth

A few precautions are necessary so that no discomfort is there after the procedure. When working with sensitive teeth, the formula is less in concentration for whitening to avoid any irritation. Few medicines are given before and after the treatment, and you have to avoid acidic food and drinks as it increases sensitivity. Having such food can discolor the teeth; hence, avoid them for the next 48 hours until they are back to normal. You have to use soft bristles for brushing along with special toothpaste for a few days after the procedure. For individuals with sensitive teeth, the dentist will prescribe extra medicines if the need arises. Moreover, you can discuss your case with the team at Caribbean Dental; we are always glad to help you in dealing with your oral problems. To have teeth whitening for sensitive teeth, call us at (915) 308-1089