How long does a dental implant last?

Nothing stays forever; however, the life of any value can prolong with proper care and maintenance. The same is true with our dental implants. Although done to replace the missing tooth, how long does a dental implant last depend on the individual? The procedure is commonly practiced by the dentist nowadays and has a considerable success rate. Some even say that the implant is a permanent solution for missing teeth that stays forever.

Dental implants can stay forever, but only if the person correctly handles it. They usually have a life span of fifteen to twenty-five years. Oral hygiene is essential that comes with everyday brushing, flossing, and regularly visiting a dentist. Few habits that can damage the dental implant include smoking, tooth and gum infections, few drugs, or unhealthy diet. The dentists will advise on what is best for you. 

Reasons for dental implant failures  

With age comes problems, few adults get gum diseases that affect the dental implant. Peri-implantitis is a disease that causes tooth loss in adults and even damages the dental implant. The areas around the implant loose bone and tissues that lead to inflammations and disease. Therefore it results in damages to the gums and implants. However, there is a cure, but only along with proper oral care and hygiene.

Other reasons for dental implant failure are diseases such as diabetes and osteoporosis. Due to internal issues, it hits the jaw bones and makes it weaker, affecting the teeth. Accidents, traumas, emotions all account for reducing the life of dental implants. Poor hygiene will give way to bacteria to enter the mouth and live on the teeth and gums. Eventually, it will lead to plaque and decays.

So, how long does a dental implant last depends on proper care by the person? The dentist at Caribbean Dental is glad to provide the best advice for oral care and maintenance after dental implants. To schedule your appointment regarding any dental problem, call us on (915) 308-1089. Following our suggestions wisely will give a longer life to your dental implants.