How to get straight teeth?

We all dream of having healthy, straight white teeth, though to achieve it, there are various ways available, but you have to select the one that suits you the best. Teeth are an important asset; their misalignment can cause many problems. Headache, sensitivity, toothache, gum recession are all a result of crooked teeth. So, if you are mentally ready to have straight teeth and a great smile, we welcome you to visit us. Your oral health is our priority; thus we will recommend the best options for getting straight teeth. One of the traditional ways is to wear braces to straighten your teeth, but many of us are not comfortable in wearing wires for one to two years of our lives.

How to get straight teeth without braces?

To get straight teeth, aligners are an excellent choice. These are transparent trays that tightly fix on the teeth. Being transparent and clear, no one notices that you are wearing something on your teeth. The transparent trays put pressure and slowly push the teeth to its correct position. Similar to braces, it is a lengthy process, but nothing is visible. As the teeth shift gradually, the tray will start becoming loose, giving an indication to change it with another one. Slowly the process will continue adding in a tighter tray on your teeth, and the final tray will leave them completely straight.

Clear aligners vs. braces

It is easy to use clear aligners as they are removable, so cleaning is easy. You can remove them while brushing and flossing your teeth and even while eating meals. This is not the case with braces, as you have to wear them while eating food and miss out on your favorite snacks if they are crunchy and hard for the mounts to handle. However, with both aligners and braces, oral hygiene is a must; otherwise, bacterial spread in the mouth can cause gum infections. Besides, aligners and braces have their pros and cons, take suggestions from the team at Caribbean Dental as to which one is best for you. Alternatively, if the alignment problem is mild, dental veneers are also the right solution. It is a thin covering that bonds onto the teeth to change its look. They are not a permanent solution, but one can try it out.

Teeth straightening surgery

At times the teeth are incredibly crooked and causing many health issues; in such a situation, teeth straightening surgery is a way out. Furthermore, surgery is not like it sounds that you sleep and wake up with straight teeth. The process is a lot more; the option works if the problem is with the bone length or shape. The surgery will correct the biting issues; however, later on, braces will do the remaining straightening work. Before making any decision, it is advisable to visit Caribbean Dental and find out about the best ways to get straight teeth. Call us at (915)308-1089 to schedule your appointment.