How to save a loose tooth from falling out

The tooth is a precious gem; ask its value to a person who has lost it. In an adult, losing permanent teeth is a dental emergency, and the person needs immediate dental help. Many of us wonder how to save a loose tooth from falling out. The good news is that dental help can make it possible. A loose tooth is due to many reasons, but holding it is essential.

Reasons for having a loose tooth

A loose or dislodged tooth is the result of many causes. One such is an injury or accident like getting hurt while playing sports, fights, or falling badly. It results in pain and bleeding; hence the injured person needs immediate treatment. Besides this, other reasons are gum diseases, decay, biting problems, and bruxism.

Some health problems are also associated with the loosening of teeth. Osteoporosis is a disease that affects the bones in the body. This also includes the jaw bone. Due to a reduction in bone density, jaws become weaker, and the tooth loosens. The patient needs to consult with a physician and take medicines for osteoporosis.

In a few women, hormonal changes during pregnancy loosen teeth. It is a serious issue as you will lose your permanent teeth. Besides that, women also get swollen red gums. Both of these issues are extremely serious; finding a remedy is extremely important. In addition, oral hygiene is necessary.

Saving a loose tooth from falling out 

First of all, to keep a loose tooth from falling out, avoid moving and shaking it; otherwise, it will loosen further. Avoid eating hard and crunchy food; instead, switch it with soft alternatives. Do not chew from the affected area and stop using straws. Try to visit the dentist immediately, before the matter worsens. Timely, professional care will make a huge difference. Until then, keep your mouth clean and brush gently.

Hence, for the question, “how to save a loose tooth from falling out”, treatments vary. The team at Caribbean Dental will examine your loose tooth and will then choose a treatment method that is best for you. We offer excellent quality dental care to our patients. Call us at (915) 308-1089 to schedule your appointment.