How to Teach Your Child Good Oral Health Habits

The earlier you install good oral health habits in your children, the better the chances they’ll have healthy, happy smiles for years to come. It will take some work, and it might take some creativity. But the effort you put in now will be well worth it in the long run.

Setting a Rewards System

We all react well when we’re rewarded – no matter how young or old we may be. Establishing a rewards system might be the best way to get your children to brush and floss their teeth on a regular basis. You could set up a game night at the end of the week. If your children floss and brush when they’re supposed to, you can let them pick the game your family will play.

Make it Fun

All children love to play, right? Well, you can make brushing and flossing fun as well. Take your children to the bathroom and start brushing and flossing your teeth. Let the bubbles from the toothpaste run down your mouth and into the sink. There’s a good chance your children will think it’s funny and will want to do the same thing. Yes, it might be a little gross. But it’s fun – and if it gets your children to brush their teeth regularly, the mess will be worthwhile.

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