How to Tell if You Need a Dental Crown

A crown is a very common dental procedure, one that is performed millions of times each year in the U.S. But how can you tell if you need a crown? Here’s a look at what a crown is, and some signs it could help you.

Crowns – The Basics

A crown is simply a metal or porcelain covering that goes over a tooth. It protects the tooth and also improves its appearance. Crowns can help a person avoid having to have a tooth removed due to an infection, an injury or some other issue.

Reasons Crowns are Needed

There are many reasons why a person could benefit from having a crown. Here are just a few.

  • Root canal –

    Crowns are normally placed after a root canal. The reason is that this procedure can leave a tooth weak. A crown will protect the tooth so you can chew normally without worrying about breaking it.

  • Cavities –

    A crown is sometimes used instead of a filling in order to fill a cavity. This is especially the case when a cavity is very advanced.

  • Broken teeth –

    If a tooth is broken due to an injury, a crown will help provide the support it needs in order to survive.

  • Misshapen teeth –

    Crowns are sometimes used for cosmetic purposes. If someone has a small chip in a tooth, or a tooth is severely stained, a crown can greatly improve its appearance.

  • Teeth grinding –

    Many people have an issue with teeth grinding, also known as bruxism. Crowns can repair worn-down teeth and restore them to their original appearance.

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