Identification of Dental Implant Infection Symptoms

Dental implants can be necessary after tooth decay. However, taking care of an implant decides its success or failure. If a person fails to take its proper care, it may result in an infection. Therefore, it is important to be aware of dental implant infection symptoms so you may contact a dentist.

Symptoms of implant infection


Though the success rate of a dental implant is very high, however, there can be instances when an implant may get infected. Bacteria usually cause infections, and the signs of rejection become visible right after the processor months later. Sometimes it may take several years for the infection to show its signs. Therefore, early identification may help to get it treated easily so you may not need to remove it. Infection may show the following symptoms:

Bleeding or pus

An implant infection may cause the gums or the implant area to become irritated and bleed. Sometimes you may also notice pus, which also a sign of infection.

Swollen gums

After an infection, the gums start to become red and swollen. This is one of the key indicators.

Loose implant

When a dentist to save his/her cost uses a substandard implant, the chances of an infection increase. A loose or a wobbly implant is an indication that it has become infected.

Bas taste or breath

A low-quality implant gets infected easily and emits a bad smell. It will cause bad breath, which will not improve even after brushing. An infected implant would also make you experience a horrible taste that would be strange enough for you to contact your dentist immediately.

To save yourself from discomfort, it is vital that you take notice of any symptoms of dental implant infection before the condition becomes worse. Visit a dentist at Caribbean Dental for getting proper treatment for the infection and save your implant from falling out. You can also call us on (915) 308-1089 for knowing the details of implant infection and ways to treat it.