Teeth before and after braces

Every one of us looks for a great and confident smile. Properly aligned and bright white teeth play a vital role in shaping our smiles. Many dental solutions are available to improve your smile; one such is the use of braces. The appearance of teeth before and after braces changes, which enhances our overall appearance.

Braces align the teeth in the proper position by putting constant pressure gently without causing any harm. Therefore, the teeth move to the right place within the time specified by the dentist. Braces take time and work slowly, filling the gaps between the teeth and fixing crooked and crowded teeth.

Before and during braces

Braces are common. Many of us wear them; hence it is not a big deal. Wearing it is neither painful. However, initially, some soreness may last for a few days. Over the counter, medicines can help in relieving the pain. In a few days, when your mouth adjusts with the braces, you won’t feel the pain. Wearing braces for the first few days may be difficult, but the smile and confidence will last forever.

Dieting with braces

Wearing braces will bring a noticeable change. During the time you have braces on, pay attention to the diet you have. Avoid hard and crunchy food as it may cause cracks in the brackets. Also, during braces, tooth decay can occur. The sticky and chewy food gets stuck in brackets, causing plaque and rots. Hence, pay proper attention to oral hygiene. With braces on, cleaning teeth is essential to avoid further problems.

After braces

Once your treatment is over, braces are out, and your teeth are back to normal, take a few precautions. A significant change will be visible in the teeth before and after braces. Dentists, at times, suggest wearing retainers for a few days so that your teeth stay in place properly. If you are looking for braces or other ways to improve your smile, consult with the team at Caribbean Dental. Call us at (915) 308-1089 to schedule your appointment.