The dental bone graft material

2020 or so-called the year of COVID-19 is one of the worst times in history. It is a time when the whole globe is affected. Alongside this, individual health is a top priority. Similar to the survival of the fittest, one who is healthy and fit will fight the virus. Besides fitness, oral health is a primary concern. Dental and medical workers are working hard. Dental cleaning and cavity repair items or dental bone graft materials are all chosen wisely.

All the nations are working to flatten the COVID curve, following social distancing, and patients avoid unnecessary visits to health care. However, few dental procedures are necessary and cannot wait like a dental implant. The condition of teeth will worsen in case of delay. Besides performing the process, the jaw needs enough bone mass for grafting technology.

Types of bone used in grafting 

Dentists use a dental bone graft to prepare a strong foundation for the implant. Over time it has a considerable success rate. The dentist first observes the jawbones along with the height and width and then makes a plan. The dental bone graft material usually comes from the following bones;

  • Firstly the dentist tries to get the bone from any part of the individual’s body. Familiar places can be hip, jaw, chin, or knee area. It is one of the most effective and safe ways, and there is no chance of tissue rejection.
  • The bone used at times is from the human corpse. The method is safe and affordable.
  • Often bone from animals, primarily cow, is used. Another source can be the synthetic bone grafting material. These materials are valid and reliable.

The dentist uses the dental bone graft material, which suits an individual. Contact Caribbean Dental on (915) 308-1089 or online to set up an appointment. We will guide you with your oral problem immediately.