Tooth extraction and bone graft recovery

It is a sad fact that a permanent tooth loss is gone forever. Therefore the dentist tries their best to save it. At times, there is a need for tooth extraction; otherwise, it might lead to more oral problems. However, sometimes there is a need for bone graft along with the removal. Tooth extraction and bone graft recovery will prepare the individual for the dental implant and preserve the natural smile and confidence for future years.

Tooth extraction and bone graft recovery

There is a chance that the jawbone tissue is weak and cannot hold the implant so, bone graft gives it density and volume. The surgeon gets the bone from some other part of the body or from other donors to add to the jaw where it lacks. Usually, depending on the case, tooth extraction and bone graft occur at the same time. The tooth socket becomes empty and makes space for the bone graft. Hence, within a few months, tooth extraction and bone graft recovery will heal.

Tooth extraction without a bone graft

Bone grafting is not necessary at all times. Many have healthy tissues and jaws to hold the implant. For them, tooth extraction is much more comfortable. Yet, there is a need for enough recovery time. Only then the dentist will perform a dental implant. There is a chance that some bone loss during tooth extraction arises a need for a bone graft. Situations vary; however, the dentist will choose what is best for the individual patient.

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