Tooth Extraction and Bone Graft: The Need and Importance

Tooth extraction is a common practice in the United States. Many a time the only option left to treat a decayed tooth is to extract it. However, after a tooth extraction, the bone and its surrounding tissues get extremely defected. The defected bones affect the functioning as well as the aesthetic of a person. Therefore after a tooth extraction, it becomes mandatory to go for the process of bone graft. It helps a person to get back the aesthetics of his/her face and a person may also go an implant later.

Why bone grafting


In the process of bone extraction, a lot of tissues are lost. If the person does not opt for bone grafting, it becomes difficult to go for an implant at a later stage due to insufficient bone. Reduction in the bone can also compromise daily routine like eating and speaking and also reduce the aesthetic.

Furthermore, after tooth extraction, the bone heals over a couple of months. If during the healing process, the bone does not come back to its normal state and is pushed even further, a dentist will recommend bone grafting.

Side effects of bone grafting


Though bone grafting severs multiple purposes, however, at times, the process may also have some side effects. The following can be its risks:

  • Infection in the bone after the procedure
  • Excessive bleeding during and after the process
  • Blood clots may form afterward
  • Damages nerve
  • Throbbing pain after tooth extraction and bone graft

To avoid complications, a patient must select a professional dentist who has experience in handling the tooth extraction and bone graft process. Even a slight mistake can result in a major loss. The dentists at Caribbean Dental are experts at performing both procedures and ensure that its patients experience no side effects of bone graft. So if you plan for a bone graft, call us today on (915) 308-1089 and our experts will take care of you.