What do the Lines on Teeth tell us?

What will happen if immediately after eating ice-cold dessert, you start sipping hot soup or coffee? Commonly, you’ll have a toothache unless the enamel is strong enough to withstand it. Enamel is the hard outer protective layer of teeth that saves it from decays. Few of us observe having lines on teeth, is it alarming? Or are they just merely small and erasable?

Simply the lines on the teeth, also known as craze lines, are a cosmetic issue. The narrow cracks on the enamel or the surface of the teeth are visible in the form of lines. The reason behind it can be cavities. Besides, the most important thing to know is the reason for cracks. The dentist will remove it, but first examine the dental issue and solve it.

The reasons behind the lines on teeth

The teeth are in action most of the time; they exert pressure and undergo wear and tear, which affect its appearance. The lines on teeth are a reason for their continued action. Teeth bite different foods; hard, soft, and crunchy or sip hot and cold items. Additionally, the teeth act as tools to open bottles and to tear clothing tags. All of this puts a strain on the teeth, and ultimately they start to crack, causing lines.
The cracks are not an emergency, but dental consultation is necessary. Oral hygiene is one of the factors which can avoid the lines and make teeth stronger. Having lines is not alarming, and people develop it at one point of their age. If the individual treats the teeth harshly, or individual goes through trauma, prominent lines can form.

Consult a dentist

Although the lines are visible, they are not painful. Others might notice it, but there is no feeling of discomfort or sensitivity. However, as they appear to look bad, the dentist hides them with fillings, whitening procedures, or placing dental veneers on the teeth. To know more, feel free to contact Caribbean Dental. You can call us at (915) 308-1089 or contact online for appointments.