What Impact Does an Incorrect Tongue Position Have?

Have you ever noticed whether your tongue is resting in the right position or not? And what if your tongue does not have the right posture? If you will visit a dentist, he/she will let you know how a tongue resting in the wrong position would have an impact on your health. But before we explore the signs that indicate an incorrect position, let’s see what a correct tongue posture is. Your tongue should rest at the upper side of the mouth, pressing against the roof. It should also sit at a little distance behind the front teeth when the lips seal.

Signs of incorrect resting of tongue

The tongue can have an impact on many functions of the body if the posture is not correct.

The following signs will be visible in case of improper posture:


The tongue is connected to the sinus. When the tongue does not rest in the right position, the palate may become narrow, making sinus narrow, which ultimately affects the breathing of a person.

Vision problems

You may be surprised, but the palate has a connection with your eye sockets as well. This affects the eyes resting posture in the head. The improper tongue position may, at times, affect the eyes positioning as well.

Crowded and misaligned teeth

When the tongue does not rest against the top of the mouth, it presses against the lower front teeth. This may cause teeth to become crowded or misaligned as the tongue continuously pushes the teeth.

Some other problems that an improper tongue posture may cause are the following:

Teeth grinding

Tooth decay

Neck and Shoulder Pain


Improper swallowing

A gap in the front teeth

So if you think your tongue does not rest in the right position, visit Caribbean Dental, and our experts will let you know its position and ways to correct it. Call us on (915) 308-1089 to know more about the problems an incorrect tongue posture may cause.