What to Expect After a Tooth Extraction

There are a lot of reasons someone might need to have a tooth extraction. There could be a potentially dangerous infection developing, or a person may simply need their wisdom teeth pulled. Some people actually have extra teeth and need them pulled out to reduce the chances of gum problems.

Whatever the reason you need an extraction, knowing what you need to do after the procedure could go a long way toward helping you heal faster.

The Recovery Process

It will probably take a few days for you to fully recover from a tooth extraction. You’ll need to arrange for someone to take you home after the procedure because you’ll be given anesthesia. You’ll also need to plan on staying in bed as much as possible so your mouth can heal properly.

There will likely be some gauze in your mouth to stop bleeding. It will be important to change it frequently to keep the area clean. You might need to bite down firmly to keep the pressure on the area until the blood stops. But you can’t put so much pressure on the area that it gets irritated. Your dentist will tell you exactly what type of pressure to apply.

You might notice some swelling and inflammation of your cheeks, but this is normal. An ice pack can help keep swelling down. Also, try to avoid moving your mouth excessively for about a day. This should be enough time for a blood clot to form so that you don’t start bleeding again.

Eat only soft foods like applesauce or soup for a couple of days after your procedure. You’ll also need to keep the area clean while healing is taking place. Swishing with salt water will help. Brush and floss like normal, just be very careful with the area where the extraction took place. Don’t smoke for at least three days after the extraction.

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