What to expect after dental bone graft?

Strong jaws and gums are essential for healthy teeth. The jawbones hold the teeth. In the case of tooth loss, the bones start to move away, creating a space. Besides weakening the gums, tooth replacement becomes difficult as it needs a jawbone to fix on. Therefore, dentists opt for bone grafting. People often think about what to expect after the dental bone graft, and is it useful?

The dentist will suggest grafting only after a proper dental checkup. The procedure reconstructs the bones to fill up the sockets that have lost the tooth. It recovers the bone and strengthens it for the tooth. The dentist performs surgery, taking complete care, and precautions. The whole procedure is safe and gives good results. But few considerations after the dental bone graft are as follows:

  • After the surgery, there is a possibility of redness and slight bleeding. Placing a gauze may help, along with rinsing the mouth with cold water. Try not to lift heavy objects or perform heavy exercises as it might increase bleeding and sit upright. Call the dentist, if not controlled.
  • Many patients get swelling after surgery. Areas around the mouth, cheeks or sides can swell up. Using ice packs can help rub the area gently with ice and stay in an upright position. Swelling may take a few days to reduce, so do not worry about it.
  • Bearable pain stays for a day or two, but taking painkillers will help. Avoid any contact in the treated area. Besides, avoid drinking alcohol or driving home, make someone’s help.
  • Eat only a soft diet or stay on liquids. Do not use straws as sucking can increase the bleeding as well as your pain. Also, have food of moderate temperature, neither too hot nor cold.

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