When do you need an Emergency Root Canal?

Talking about dental emergency conditions, something that struck our mind is tooth chipping or an emergency or trauma that has broken the tooth. However, this is not always the case; the need for an emergency root canal can arise often. A severe toothache and sensitivity is a sign. While chewing and biting food or drinking beverages, if the pain excruciates something is wrong with your teeth. Furthermore, the color and brightness of teeth start to lighten, or your gums swell due to the infection, visit the dentist immediately. Do not take the situation lightly, as with time the condition will worsen and spread deep down to the gums and bone.

Root canal treatment

Mostly during a routine oral checkup, the root canal is done if the need arises. But, many of us don’t take it seriously unless the pain becomes unbearable. This is not a wise choice but will ultimately end up utilizing much more time and money. A root canal is a safe procedure and has a reasonable success rate and long life with proper care. The method saves a dying tooth by drilling a hole and removing the infected pulp and nerves from inside. After cleaning the tooth, it is sealed to avoid bacteria and infections from entering the open spaces. The treatment saves a tooth that otherwise would need an extraction.

Emergency root canal

Such a situation arises when the pain is unbearable, and the oral infection has spread beyond the limit and interfering with daily routine life. Usually, the toothache is not restricted to an area now, but has spread over larger surfaces. It bothers an individual while eating, drinking, and even talking with others. The sensitivity may reach the point that even touching the tooth causes pain. Furthermore, a bump appears near the affected teeth that show inflammation in the gums, and with all these problems, it is impossible to avoid the dental visit. An emergency procedure is essential at this point.

Never delay your appointment if these signs are visible; otherwise, the situation will worsen, and you might have to lose your precious pearly whites forever. Temporary solutions can be to apply ice over the tender areas and taking pain relievers to provide some comfort before you visit the dental clinic. Rinsing mouth with warm salt water also helps temporarily. Once you bear the treatment, your tooth will be fine, and you can continue your routine life.

Is the emergency root canal painful?

This is just a myth; nowadays, sedation and medicines provide comfort to patients during treatment. These make it completely painless. If you still feel that an emergency root canal will give you some discomfort, talk to the dentist at Caribbean Dental. We will be glad to help you and explain the whole procedure, which is comforting. A little amount of pain felt will only be after the treatment, once the sedations’ effect ends, but you will have painkillers to comfort you. Call us at (915) 308-1089 to schedule your appointment.